About Me

Welcome everyone! I am Shaela, the creator and brain behind this blog. I’m just a regular girl, living in the midwest United States. Beauty and Babbles is an outlet for my journey through the feminine world. Growing up in a conservative home, I knew nothing about makeup, fashion, or anything vanity-wise. Learning and growing is a constant for every girl, at every age. I believe that we only learn through experience, so that is exactly what I’m going to do!

Just a few things about me: I am addicted to nail polish. No joke, it’s a problem! Just ask my boyfriend. I love coffee and honestly never want to go a morning without one. I have three dogs. The first, a 10 year old Doberman, Geronimo. He’s senile in his old age, but we love him and his snaggletooth. The second, an “I-don’t-realize-I’m-no-longer-a-puppy” 5-year old hound dog, Roxy. Her fur will most undoubtedly make appearances in most all of my pictures. Last, the baby, a two year-old MinPin mix, named Monkey. Her name was a no-brainer with her personality. She’s constantly curious and always climbing! When I’m not playing with the dogs or blogging, I’m a full time ABA Therapist and work with kiddos on the Autism Spectrum. I love to cook new things and bake, as well as try out DIY projects. I have dabbled in photography for the last decade and while I don’t consider myself very creative, I definitely lean towards the art of life.

Now that you know a small particle of who I am, follow along while I explore beauty and life.

Feel free to follow me on Pinterest, TwitterFacebook, and Instagram @shaelamariah_daiella, as well as my YouTube Channel.


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